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200 North Main St | Bloomington, Illinois | 309-827-0428

Lunch and Learn - The Central Illinois Roots of Lloyd Loar and the Iconic F-5 Mandolin

Thursday, January 9
Starts at 12:10 PM

McLean County Museum of History
200 N. Main St, Bloomington IL 61701

Presented by James Stanlaw, Professor of Anthropology, Illinois Wesleyan University

Every serious mandolinist knows the name of Lloyd Loar, but many will be unaware of his central Illinois roots. This presentation is a workshop on Cropsey-native Lloyd Loar, creator of the F-5 mandolin. Orpheus Mandolin Orchestra mandocelist Jim Stanlaw, anthropology professor at Illinois State University, will present a workshop and instrument display on the history of mandolin orchestras in the United States and the development of the F-5 mandolin