Harrold Braden Wilson was born June 13, 1904, in Weldon, Illinois, and died June 3, 1991, in Bloomington. He first married Alice Carlson on March 24, 1934, and after her death married Pauline Schmidt on August 3, 1957. He had one son. He was a member of the Second Presbyterian Church.

 Wilson was a registered architect, associated for many years with Schaeffer, Wilson and Evans in Bloomington. The firm designed many buildings in Bloomington on the Illinois State University and Illinois Wesleyan University campuses, and the downtown State Farm building.

 This collection includes two personal notebooks of dates which Wilson had with women (1920-1933), his handwritten notes about various aspects of building architecture, and information about the dormitories on the ISU West Campus and the University Union & Auditorium.