Request for Museum Images: Commercial Use Fees and Conditions

The McLean County Museum of History contains thousands of photographs and other images dating from the 1850s to the present. The types of photographs range from daguerreotypes of the mid-nineteenth century to digital images of today. There are photographs and images (such as posters and the like) relating to the history of McLean County covering topics including, but not limited to, agriculture; architecture; athletics; business; education; entertainment; the military and religion. Images in the collection come in various formats, including original prints, negatives and slides.

We are happy to make these images available for commercial use, including books; periodicals and other printed works; as well as film productions; websites and other digital media.

The processing, cataloging and continued preservation of the Museum’s photographic collection involves a significant expenditure of Museum staff time and resources, ranging from the purchase of proper storage materials to the maintenance of climate-controlled archives. As a non-profit institution, more than 70% of our operating budget comes from the contributions of Museum members and supporters. We hope you understand and appreciate the importance of caring for such a collection.

The Library/Archives welcomes questions regarding its image collections. You may direct queries to or the phone number listed above. The collections can also be perused by visiting the Library/Archives on the second floor of the Museum (appointments are preferred but not required).

Commercial Use- Museum Image

Permission to use Museum images in a commercial endeavor, such as books, periodicals or other printed works, as well as film productions, websites or other digital media.

Organization TypePantagraph Negatives
Per ImageOther Images
Per ImageNon-profit entity or endeavor:
For profit entity or endeavor:$40.00


  1. The Museum must receive credit for use of its images. Where applicable, the credit line should read: “Courtesy of the McLean County Museum of History, Bloomington, Illinois.”

  2. Permission is granted for one intended purpose only.

  3. Museum staff reserves the right to determine the suitability of making copies of any images and items in the collection.

  4. Museum images may not be deposited in other institutions, including libraries and museums (note: this does not mean publications containing Museum images cannot be placed in other institutions).

  5. In granting permission for use, the Museum does not surrender its right thereafter to use any of the materials from its collection or to grant other permission to use.

  6. If Museum images are used in print, film or other “capturable” media, the Museum is to receive one free copy.

  7. The Museum does not claim copyright on all materials in its collections. The user assumes all responsibility for securing reproduction rights and for any infringement of U.S. Copyright Code.