The McLean County Museum of History is committed to preserving, educating, and collaborating in sharing the diverse history of this county.

To do so, we ask for your financial support to meet the demands of the digital age that such high-quality programming requires.

The Museum spends over $100,000 annually to support digital initiatives that continue to grow as the need for online access to resources and programming increases.

Your contribution will support:

Livingston Santa on the sidewalk, four women standing and looking up at it.
This 1940s photo of the iconic Livingston’s Department Store Santa has been preserved and digitized. Learn more about Saving Santa by clicking here.
Livingston Santa on the sidewalk, four women standing and looking up at it.

Haitham Eid, Director of the MA in Museum Studies Program at Southern University at New Orleans, writes, 

“...the effective utilization of digital in the museum context can amplify marginalized voices, disseminate facts and reliable information, cultivate community responses, share lived experiences, and encourage collective actions across diverse groups of people”

American Alliance of Museums, 2022.

Actress Jennifer Rusk portraying Ella Lee Stokes gets a laugh from Evergreen Cemetery Walk attendees. Producing a virtual option increases access to this educational event.

Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 for digital preservation.

$10,000 in matching funds have been received to encourage giving.

Saving Y(our) History! #savinghistory

Please contact the Development Office for additional information.