In 1976, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency formed a Task Force on urban stormwater as a source of water pollution. This Urban Stormwater Task Force was to assist and advise the Agency in meeting its responsibilities for conducting the Water Quality Management Planning Program. Local steering committees were formed in each of the eight urban areas to study the impact of urban stormwater runoff on water quality. Those eight areas were: Rockford, Quad Cities, Decatur, Springfield, Bloomington, Kankakee, Champaign, and Peoria. Tim Bachman was Chairman of the Urban Stormwater Task Force.

The documents in the Urban Stormwater Task Force Collection include lists of members of the eight urban task force committees; meeting minutes of the Bloomington-Normal Task Force Steering Committee, as well as some Statewide meetings; and the chapter on water pollution in the Illinois Pollution Control Board Rules and Regulations report.