Frank See was born in Virginia to Nimrod See and Margaret Sherman. He was a 34-year-old farmer at Stanford, Illinois, on July 2, 1900, when he married Mary E. Arnold of Stanford. She was 16 years old at her marriage. She was born near Danvers, Illinois to John Arnold and Julia Deek (or Deck). Source: McLean County Museum of History Register of Marriages.

John W. and Julia Arnold (or Arnol) lived at Shirley as early as 1884. In the second decade of the twentieth century, Mrs. Arnold lived at 508 N. School Street in Normal.

Their children, who are mentioned or who have documents in the collection, are as follows:

  • Ardena See, born 1900. She married Grover Bowman. They lived at Towanda.

    • Children: Grover Franklin Bowman, born June 30, circa 1925. Helen Elizabeth Bowman Garner, born December 8 [no year]. Vernon Arnold, born June 26 [no year]

  • Edna Elizabeth See. She married Orville Edwin Haning early in 1923. They lived on a farm between Shirley and Stanford.

    • Children: Orville Edwin Haning, Jr., born January 17, 1924, died June 2001 [Ed Henning, Jr.]

  • Margaret See. She married Jesse Beer. They lived at Atlanta and McLean.

    • Children: Robert Philip, Dickie, Mary Ruth, born 1931 or 1932