The Second Presbyterian Church was founded in 1855 as The New School Presbyterian Church, and was renamed Second Presbyterian Church a year later. It was founded by Presbyterians in Bloomington who thought slavery was a sin, and so banded together to form a church with this belief. The original meetinghouse for the new chartered church was in Major’s Hall and church was held there until the church building was completed. Lincoln made his famous “Lost Speech” at this location, and became nationally famous from then on. In 1900, the building was badly damaged in a fire and was forced to rebuild. In 1938, the building was remodeled, and was remodeled again in 1969. The Second Presbyterian Church building was torn down and a new building’s construction began in 2004. Since then, this church has grown and enhanced its programs, such as its choral program that has toured locally for over twenty years.

This collection features various documents such as annual reports, directories, founding anniversary booklets, remodeling reports, sermons, bulletins, and information about the choral program spanning from 1891-present.