The Garrett Scott 2003 Re-Election Campaign Collection primarily consists of material around the time of the Town of Normal’s primary and regular elections in 2003. The Collection includes newspaper stories, letters to the editor, e-mails, and campaign materials. Much of the material comes from February and March of 2003.

There is one box for the collection. Box 1 contains folder 1 through folder 5. Folder 1 contains campaign material from the Garrett Scott campaign, including brochures, cards, flyers, and sample letters to the editor. Folder 2 contains campaign material for other Town of Normal Council candidates, including flyers and a brochure. Folder 3 contains newspaper material on the Town of Normal Council 2003 election, including letters to the editor, a union newspaper article, and a Pantagraph article. Folder 4 contains material on the Normal redevelopment project including newspaper articles, newspaper ads, letters to the editor, a brochure, flyers, and an e-mail. Folder 5 contains material from the Garrett Scott Re-election Committee including a list of committee members, a welcome letter, minutes of meetings, sample flyers and letters to the editor, and budget statements.