Bloomington-born William C. Reiner (1882-1945) worked as an upholsterer for the Alton Railroad for 40 years, also running his own upholstery business for many years. He married twice and had daughter Stella by his first marriage. Raymond B. Bennett (1910-1992) was born in Indiana and graduated Normal Community High School. He became an upholsterer's apprentice in the Chicago and Alton Railroad shop. About 1938 he entered business with his father-in-law as “Reiner and Bennett Upholsterers” at 1220 N. Center St in Bloomington. He continued to operate the business under that name after Reiner’s death in 1945. He wed Stella Reiner in 1933. Stella Reiner Bennett (1912-1992) graduated Brokaw Hospital School of Nursing in 1934. She held many nursing jobs, including dental clinic nurse for District 87, part time Brokaw Hospital nurse supervisor and industrial nurse, plus other jobs in public health. She worked for Red Cross doing home nursing and mother and childcare. She also became a volunteer advocate for senior citizens.

This collection contains day books and notebooks, upholstery tags, stationery, etc. from the Reiner and Bennett upholstering business. Also included are personal bank books, Stella‘s school composition books, Stella’s visiting nurse notebooks, and miscellaneous items.