The Mclean County Courthouse, located in the main square (200 N. Main Street) of downtown Bloomington, Illinois, was completed in 1903. Adlai Stevenson, former Vice President of the United States gave the formal address when the building was dedicated. It is currently the home of the McLean County Museum of History.  The building was designed by Architect William Reeves of the firm of Reeves and Baillie, Peoria, Illinois.  The McLean County Museum of History moved into the building in 1991.   

The collection includes the personal archive of William “Wid” Brokaw Price.  Mr. Price was born in Normal, Illinois in 1926, the son of Walter Brokaw Price and Erma Brumme Price.  At the time of this collection, he lived at 1700 East Washington Street.  He maintained a campaign to save the “Old Courthouse” beginning in 1965 when he McLean County Board began to investigate the possibility to replace or expand the current court house.  The collection contains numerous newspaper articles, letters that Mr. Price wrote, and a booklet that Mr. Price created which he distributed in furtherance of his quest.  Mr. Price died in 2010.