The Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Company originated as the printing department of the Daily Pantagraph, which was founded in 1846. Some years later, the publisher decided, due to low coffers, that either the newspaper or the job shop was a losing enterprise. Accordingly, the printing department was sold to a few of the Pantagraph employees and some outside investors, and it was incorporated as The Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Company in 1889. It continued to operate in the same building as the newspaper until 1903, when the building at the corner of Madison and Jefferson streets was built.

In the early 1880's, Alonzo Dolan arrived in Bloomington from Maine and began working in the composing room for Pantagraph Printing. He was raised to foreman, then acquired part ownership. In the following years, his sons Ned and Fred joined him in the business, and eventually their sons joined. Thus, Pantagraph Printing and Stationery Company was a family-owned business, serving the printing needs of the Bloomington-Normal community's businesses, schools, and organizations.

This collection includes some articles relating to the history of Pantagraph Printing & Stationery Co. and blank forms printed for various city departments.