This collection covers the Brenneman ancestry as well as Sandra Brenneman Oldendorf’s personal interests. A handwritten family history of births, marriages, and deaths begins in 1824 with an account from Otto J. Brenneman. There are journals of daily events starting in January, 1916 and continuing through December of 1921, along with an account of chickens and eggs for the last year.

Sandra’s great Aunt Elsie Brenneman’s acquaintance with Amelia Earhart is noted as well as Earhart’s appearance in Bloomington in 1936. Elsie’s Professional Business Women’s membership and its presidency is documented along with newspaper articles and photos.

Also included in the collection are letters from Sandra’s high school friends serving in Vietnam and Germany.

The organization of NOW and the effort of passing the ERA amendment in the 1970s were of prime interest to Sandra. There are minutes of meetings, strategies, newspaper clippings, and photos of campaigns in which she was a part.

Sandra was appointed Director of the core staff program at Camp Peairs on Lake Bloomington for the summers of 1972 and 1973. There are newspaper photos and a large folder of material for camp instruction and events.