“He was a humble person, a fine golfer and a great gentleman.” So opined Bloomington Country Club’s John Brokaw in 1952 after losing the Municipal Championship to Raymond “Doc” Morgan (1916-2001) in the finals at Highland Park.

As a teenager Morgan learned to love the game of golf and earned the nickname “Doc” while caddying for several doctors at Lakeside Country Club (formerly McLean County Country Club). He was largely self-educated, never having gone beyond grade school, and playing golf in off hours with mismatched clubs bought at Montgomery Ward’s. “Doc” Morgan was a top municipal golfer in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. His regular jobs extended from working at the Eureka Williams Oil-O-Matic during the Depressions years to commanding the course as the ranger at Highland Park. For many years he was a paint striper for the City of Bloomington. He also served in the Coast Guard during World War II.