Money Creek Township included six square miles of land used for agriculture. The present-day Village of Towanda is where Money Creek Township was formerly. It was a wonderful location for farmers and was surrounded by the Mackinaw River and several creeks. Many pioneers arrived from eastern states with their families, wagons, and oxen.

The area was occupied by the Kickapoo nation, who were said to be helpful to the pioneers. The earliest pioneer was John Trimmer, who died in Money Creek in 1826.

As more pioneers arrived in the area, log cabins were built, as were sawmills and later railroad ties. Residents farmed and hunted and there were active social and political activities. The first school was built in 1837.

There are many influential names in this collection that were founders or their descendants of Money Creek Township. Fort Bartholomew was built in 1832 with Money Creek logs for the Black Hawk War but the fort was burnt down by J.B. Dawson due to people trampling his crops to look at it. For more history, refer to “History and Biographical History of Money Creek Township” by Morris W. Jones.