This collection includes newspaper articles referencing the various HCE/HEA members and the projects they are involved in, letters from soldiers to the HCE, informational brochures which outline community projects, money receipts for various transactions done by the association, officer biographies, a VCR tape for the 80th Anniversary of the association, objective statements, various by-laws and legal papers which ordain the formation and alteration of laws concerning the HCE/HEA, secretary reports of meeting minutes for the HCE meetings, informational packets concerning health from ISU and OSF, photos of members, events and various projects by the HCE, HCE member lists, a plethora of recipes created by or collected by HCE members, Margaret Esposito Scholarship information, Ewing scholarship information, folders which specifically detail various HCE sponsored events, Education award forms, documents from the United States Department of Agriculture, various recommendations for educational activities, packets from the IDCFS, public health articles, a photocopy of the charter for the creation of the association, scrapbooks of HCE members and events and various other documents which involve the HCE. The collection materials make references to 1918 but most documents center around the 2000’s.