John McFee
was a well-known farmer, who also bred Berkshire swine. He lived four miles west of Bloomington. According to the article about his death, he was "in good circumstances, owning a large and well-cultivated farm. He was much respected by his neighbors" (Item 1.1). Born in Jefferson County, Ohio, he and his wife and oldest child Pulaski moved to Atlanta, Illinois, in 1856. In 1860, they settled on a farm two miles south of Twin Grove.

He died of lockjaw after his right leg was amputated by Drs. Crothers and Hill. While taking a heavy load of lumber from Bloomington to his farm, he was thrown from his wagon when the horses shied and his right leg was run over by the wagon wheel.

This collection contains various receipts for items purchased and for real estate transactions conducted by John McFee.