Hamilton was an active citizen of Normal and McLean County, where she wrote a Centennial Pageant for the town of Normal in 1965, was a Girl Scout leader, and was a citizen activist involved in many issues of her time. She was a close observer of local, state and federal governments, and local political and social movements. Whenever she felt strongly about an issue she spoke out by writing letters to news publications and government officials. From 1975 to 1983 she voiced her opinions on radio station WJBC AM 1230’s “Forum” series. 

The Violet Hamilton Collection contains copies of many letters written by Mrs. Hamilton from 1962 through 1989, the texts of her WJBC “Forum” series talks, and newspaper clippings about local persons, organizations and issues.  There are also copies of reports she and others wrote about local meetings concerning current issues. The reports include topics discussed and lists of persons who attended the meetings and their comments during the meetings.  Also included are some copies of selected journal and booklets about current issues which concerned her. Three ledger books from the Hamilton Wilbert Vault Company, her husband’s business, are included.