George W. Funk was the firstborn son of the Hon. Isaac Funk, Sr. and Cassandra Sharp, founders and pioneers of Funk’s Grove. He was born May 14, 1827 in Funk’s Grove.  

George assisted his father on the farmstead at an early age, and in time trained his nine younger siblings, earning from them the nickname “The General.” He was 16 when he made his first livestock drive to Chicago.

In 1879 he was described as a stock-dealer and owned 3,200 acres in McLean County and 4,400 acres by 1887.

This collection contains a variety of financial and legal papers pertaining to George W. Funk which were found in the McLean home of his son Isaac George Funk by Isaac’s granddaughter, Betty Peacock. Also included is a copy of George W.’s last will and testament and an anonymous, threatening letter addressed to George W. concerning his second wife Rose.