The Funk family arrived in McLean County from Ohio in 1824.  Over the years Isaac Funk acquired 22,000 acres of farmland and upon his death his sons and daughters inherited the land.  Eugene Duncan (E.D.), a grandson of Isaac, formed the Funk Bros. Seed Company, Inc. in 1901 with about 12 other Funk family members.  The Funk Bros. Seed Company, Inc. sought to produce higher yield corn varieties and a way to prevent diseases from attacking corn crops.

In 1967 Funk Bros. Seed Co. was purchased by CPC International, Inc. and in 1972 the company went public under the name Funk Seeds International, Inc.  In 1974 the company was purchased by Ciba-Geigy.  Ciba-Geigy had already been producing insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides.  The company has since merged with several others: AstraZeneca and Sygenta, which are still producing agricultural products.

This collection contains materials produced by the company including brochures, sales catalogs, and annual reports.  Some company correspondence, invoices, and employee memos are also included in the collection.