This collection contains research compiled by Dr. Robert Dirks, guest curator and professor emeritus from Illinois State University as well as curator Susan Hartzold for the 2009-12 exhibit “Come & Get It! The Way We Ate 1830-2008.”   The collection includes hundreds of food-related Pantagraph articles from the 1800s to 2000s.  Some of these articles are divided chronologically, while others are organized thematically.

  • Folders 5-10: Newspaper articles and advertisements printed from microfilms in chronological order- Mostly articles from Rob Dirks’ portion of the collection

  • Folder 11-15: Newspaper articles printed from microfilms in thematic order- Mostly from Susan Hartzold’s portion of the collection

This collection also includes multiple data CDs with interviews (audio and transcriptions), and advertisements, articles, and photos from the Pantagraph.

A considerable portion of this collection, folders 27-32, is negatives from the Pantagraph.  These are organized chronologically from 1930s-1960s, with one outlier from 1976.  An overwhelming majority of these are in pristine condition.  Folder 26 contains contact sheets of these negatives, scanned by Bill LaBounty.  A detailed list of the negatives including date, subject, and quantity can be found in this finding aid.  Many of these negatives correspond with the Pantagraph articles found in this collection.  With the negatives you will find their original envelopes.  These envelopes contain additional information, such as the photographer’s name.