The downtown Bloomington Redevelopment Collection contains various plans and miscellaneous information. Newspaper clippings, independent organization documents, proposals, group analyses, and student projects are just some of the papers that make up this collection.

The organization and sequential order of these folders is as follows:

  • Folder one contains newspaper articles (original and photocopied); folder two has documents from the Bloomington Unlimited Corporation; folder three has a developmental guide from the McLean County regional planning commission; folder four has the plans of Camiros Limited; folder five has the Lincoln Park proposal; folder six has the Bloomington Improvement District presentation of 2003 by Uniquely Bloomington; folder seven has the McLean County Leadership team project from 2004; folder eight contains materials from the Downtown Working Group; folder nine contains recently conducted student projects from 2003 on downtown developmental strategies; folder ten has documentation from 1988-1992 from the Downtown Bloomington Task Force; folder eleven has materials from the Downtown Bloomington Association; folder twelve has South Square redevelopment strategies.