The Denman School Club began in 1921 as a means of communication among teachers, students, and parents. Through the years, the club aided the one-room school by  cleaning prior to each school year, purchasing books and a globe for the library, blackboards, all kinds of school equipment as well as obtaining a better heating stove. In the beginning meetings were held at various members’ homes. The women were all rural neighbors around the community of Carlock. The school was eventually taken into Unit Five in 1983, which changed the dynamics of the club’s relationship with the school. The name was changed to the Denman Mothers Club. Although it became more of a social gathering, the members turned their efforts to community projects. They did mending for the Baby Fold, made cancer dressings, and assembled scrapbooks for children’s wards. Donations were made to the Salvation Army, and food was provided to children’s homes at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The club’s minutes show the evolution of the young members from meeting at each other’s homes and discussing the latest project for the Denman School to meeting in restaurants, bragging about grandchildren, and planning an all day trip to a museum or gallery. And there was always the annual wiener roast in the fall. The Denman School Club gave members the opportunity to form close friendships with each other as well as with the teachers of the one-room school.

This collection contains thank you cards, anniversary memorabilia, scrapbooks, newspaper articles, and notebooks.