The Mary E. Delbridge Collection is organized into ten folders by date and subject with two scrapbooks, photographs, and yearbook filed separately.  Scrapbooks are located in the Archive Annex.  Loose photographs plus three books of photos are located in photographic collection (see Delbridge, Trinity High School, and St. Joseph School of Nursing).  The Trinity High School yearbook from 1937 is located in the stacks.

The Mary E. Delbridge Collection contains scrapbooks and photo books from childhood, Trinity High School, St. Joseph Nursing School, and World War II; letters, genealogical materials on the Delbridge and Carroll families, World War II military documents, and a number of photographs of Mary, fellow nurses, her family, and friends.  The materials date from the late 1800’s to 2002.  Judy Beall, Mary’s caregiver, donated the collection to the museum in May 2004.