Corn-on-the-Curb, inspired by Chicago’s “Cows on Parade” in 1999, was conceived by Mayor Judy Markowitz to showcase Bloomington’s upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration scheduled for July 4, 2000. A six-foot ear of corn model was designed by Steve Ross of Lexington, IL. Downtown artists submitted sketches and on July 2, 2000 seventeen ears of corn were displayed around the Courthouse (now Museum) Square. The community asked for the corn to be displayed again the following year and in response the mayor ordered a dozen more sculptures. An auction was held on September 22, 2001, ending the successful project.

This collection contains information pertaining to the conception and execution of the Corn-on-the-Curb sculpture project in 2000 through 2001. The original entries, newspaper clippings, and various notes and correspondence are included. There are also examples and details of the related events, postcards, commemorative 2002 calendar, and the events inclusion in a published book in 2007. Newspaper clippings track the events from the acceptance of initial entries through the auctioning of the sculptures and beyond.