Bloomington School District began on February 17, 1857, with “An Act to Establish and Regulate a System of Public Schools in the City of Bloomington” which was signed by the governor making it one of the “Charter School Districts” in Illinois.

This collection contains Bloomington School District 87 Annual Budgets for most of 1940-1970 as well as meeting minutes from Professional Cabinet Meetings, Advisory Council Meetings, and the Citizens’ Committee on Staffing Policies and Practices for various years. There are also Board of Education Audit reports from 1941-1952.

The collection also contains historical documents among which are official copies of the act that established the school district along with receipts from some of the initial school supply purchases and the grade books from primary school grade books. It also contains legal documents relating to the purchase and sale of various school buildings and documentation relating to construction and repair projects. The repairs occurring predominately in 1935.