The Bloomington Club was formed on September 13, 1886. The Club was the idea of a young lawyer, William H. Beaver, who was new to Bloomington and thought the city should have a representative club.

The primary objective was to promote the business interests of the city of Bloomington and the social enjoyments of the members of the club. The club helped fund the building of Withers Library at 210 East Washington Street and rented space there from 1888 to 1910. A new building, designed by Arthur Pillsbury, was in the planning stages in 1910 at 210 East Washington Street, and in 1912 the Club moved to its new quarters.  In 1975 the Club relocated to the second floor of the Illinois House, and by 1998 was meeting in the Elks Club building. The Club disbanded in 2003 or 2004.

The collection includes newspaper clippings, original rule books governing the Club, proposals for individual memberships, letters of resignation, record books, chart of accounts, bills, financial records, original incorporation documents and miscellaneous correspondence.