Horatio C. Bent was born June 24, 1881 to Horatio G. and Adah Crist Bent. Bent Elementary school in Bloomington was named for his father, Horatio G. Bent. Horatio C. served on the school board for many years and later as business manager. He graduated from Illinois Wesleyan Law School, and was a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He married Daisy Churchill on July 26, 1928, she was his only survivor.

Horatio C. Bent became well known to Pantagraph readers through his frequent letters to the editor. He sent his manuscript, “The Christian-Democratic World Society,” to many universities and seminaries for validation, as well as editors for publication. Mr. Bent also wrote to congressmen and senators about his views on a post WWII world society, secular and religious education, the Marshall Plan and other topics of the day. In his letters he often referred to his membership in the Baptist Church. He died June 20, 1956.

This collection includes a short biographical review. There are Letters to the Editor, religious and personal correspondence, government correspondence, A Plan for World Peace, Christian Democracy in Action, Newspaper and Other Publications, Manuscript Correspondence, Miscellaneous, and copies of Articles, Letters to the Editor, Pantagraph, unless noted. All correspondence and writing from Horatio C. Bent are carbons.