The Bloomington Chapter of the SPEBSQSA was originally named the Bloomington Harmony Club.  The Bloomington Chapter held its first meeting April 27, 1942. 

Founding members of the Bloomington Chapter are as follows: B. Paul Jefferson (first president), L. Earl Bach, John Hanson, K.R. Ward, Joe Bunting, Otto G. Beich, Dave Ward, Hugh A. Henry, Floyd Dana, Art Kane, John Hanson (first director), and Dan Carmody.  They held their meetings and rehearsals at Illinois Hotel.  The Bloomington Chapter was a large chapter from the beginning, with around 55 founders, according to The Birth of SPEBSQSA by Joe Bunting.

Since 1942 the Bloomington Chapter has had annual shows.  The shows are held the last weekend of February each year and usually feature a guest quartet.  They have sung the National Anthem at Wrigley Field twice, and perform regularly in Bloomington’s Concert under the Stars and Sounds of Christmas programs. 

This collection contains programs, historical information, booklets, newspaper articles, and a newsletter.  The collection spans the years from 1949-2010.