Arthur L. Pillsbury designed schools, churches, businesses, and homes, in the early 20th century.  His buildings represent some of the best examples of fine architecture in Central Illinois.

This collection consists of blue prints, floor plans, renderings, photographs and specifications covering the years of Arthur L. Pillsbury’s career 1895-1925. It also includes the same content covering many of Arthur Pillsbury’s associates and successor architects from 1926-2004. These cover successor’s works from Architects such as Joseph Orme Evans, A.I. A., Harrols B. Wilson, A.I.A., Richard D. Mills, A.I.A., James R. Flanigan, A.I.A., James E. Fardner, A.I.A., Darrell C Schroeder, Marvin M. Maurer, Edgar E. Lundeen, Philip R. Hooton, Edwin Roozen, and Archie N. Schaeffer.

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