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Important Lessons Learned in a Unique Setting

July 11th, 2014

While conducting a survey in the summer haze of the WGLT concert in downtown Bloomington, I had a conversation with two excited women who had just taken a break from dancing in the street. I asked them, “What would make you visit the McLean County Museum of History again?" They exclaimed, “Fiesta!" The women were talking about the Museum's exhibit that explores the geography and culture of Mexico. They had already seen the exhibit, but wanted to go again because it represented their heritage.As I walked home through downtown Bloomington, people of all ages swarmed up the streets towards Museum Square, I thought about what the women had said. The Museum is known and well liked for preserving and sharing local history and there are also those who love the Museum for telling the stories of other histories and cultures. But these other histories and cultures shouldn't be labeled as “other", as they are a part of our local history. Together all of these pieces of different identities merge together to form one identity, one history, the history of McLean County, a history we are all a part of and should celebrate.

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