This collection contains material relating to the life and career of World War I veteran Charles J. Zobrist. Born February 16, 1895, in Bond County, Illinois, by the 1940s, Zobrist had married Ethel Brown and was residing in Lawndale Township, McLean County.

This collection includes promotion certificates, a WW I map, and postcards from French sites and cities.

A portion of the collection also contain information on WW I veteran Folkert "Dutch" Vissering, who died at the age of 38 in 1926 in Bloomington. Included are records of death and newspaper obituaries.

The loose items are varied, some owned by Zobrist during wartime such as a pocket New Testament and  soldier song book, both with handwritten information about Zobrist. The other two booklets are a Sunday School Lesson Handbook from 1916 and a map regarding lands for sale.