Originally laid out with three sections in this county and about the same number in Tazewell County, this district, composed entirely of low prairie land, was last to be settled.  About 1866, however, a neat frame school was constructed near the center of the west side of Section 18, but it was replaced by a much larger building in 1894.  Many residents of German descent gave rise to the name, Germany, for this school.  Later called German Union, since 1918 it has been known as Union School.  Large homecomings spoke for the value of Union School, well managed by interested directors.  Once very large, the enrollment dwindled until it was necessary to close the school and transport the pupils to other districts.  The part of this district, which lay in McLean County, petitioned into the Standard Consolidated District in 1948. --Taken from William B. Brigham’s The Story of McLean County and Its Schools (1951).

This collection contains two ledger books, and five articles from The Pantagraph pertaining to Union School.