According to Bloomington-Normal city directory listings, Elmer H. Stickrod established a drug store at 213 W. Washington St. sometime in 1924 or 1925 and the business continued at that address until 1934. The business moved to 220 N. Center and then 320 N. Main St., until 1943 or 1944. Prior to opening his own drug store, Elmer Stickrod was a pharmacist at Harry E. Johnson Drugs at 409 E. Main St.

This collection contains prescription slips that were donated by William M. “Bill” Martin of Merle Pharmacies, Inc. in July 2009. Many of the prescriptions were stored in King Edward cigar box, tied together and some labeled “1927-1928 Narcotic Rx.”  The collection of prescriptions is loosely ordered by year. One part of the collection is prescriptions pasted into a scrapbook. Those prescriptions predate the Stickrod Drug Store.

Physicians filling prescriptions include: Edmund A. Behrendt, F. W.  Brian, , Thomas D. Cantrell, A. J. Casner, L. B. Cavins, Chas. E. Chapin, Alexander Chittick, John J. Condon, E. Gray Covington, Frank Deneen, Norman Elliott, J. H. Fenelon, Ralph D. Fox, A. R. Freeman, Watson Gailey, R. E. Gordon, Paul E. Greenleaf, L. W. Grosse, H. W. Grote, Drs. Hart and Hawk, G. E. Hartenbower, F. H. Henderson, G. W. Henderson, H.L. Howell, Lawrence L. Irwin, Alvin Keller,  Ralph R. Loar, F. C. McCormick,  J. C. Mc Nutt, Albert W. Meyer, Dr. Margaret H. Nelson, N.S. Penick, W. L. Penniman, A. E. Prince, D. D. Raber, G.A Sloan, E. M. Stevenson, Harold R. Watkins, H. W. Wellmerling,.

Local drug stores are represented by the pre printed prescription pads used by the doctors:  Moratz, “the Big Medicine Man,” Main and Front; Hildebrandt’s Drug Store, Normal; Miller’s Drugstore, Center and Front; Edw. C. Biasi Drugs, 227 Main Street; Steinkraus Pharmacy, North side of the square; Johnson’s Drug Store, 409 N. Main; Bonnet Drug Store, 217 N. Main St; Harry W. Giese, Union Depot Pharmacy; Smith’s Drug Store, 315 N. Main; M.B. Hayes, Main and Miller; Moore’s Drug Store, Grove and Center; Somers Drug Store, Main and Mulberry; Denton Drug Co. (druggists and jewelers), 113 Main; Cornbelt Drug Store; Frey’s Drug Store, 312 N. Main; and Stark Drug Store, 101 E. Front.  Dr. Greenleaf wrote prescription on prescription pads for the VA.