During his life, Sinclair published a trilogy—American Years (1938), Years of Growth (1940), and Years of Illusion (1941)—which is a partly fictionalized history of Bloomington and McLean County.  His most commercially successful novel was Horse Soldiers (1956), which became a best seller and was eventually made into a 1959 movie directed by John Ford and starring John Wayne and William Holden.  Just before Sinclair’s death, his novel Cavalryman (1958) was contracted to become a television series. 

This collection was donated by Dr. G. Louis Heath of Ashford University, Clinton, Iowa.  The collection is comprised of photocopies of microfilm prints.  Several of these items are newspaper reviews of Harold Sinclair books, articles about his books, and advertisements for the movie Horse Soldiers and for his titles.  The collection also includes notes from research done by Dr. Heath including notes from Ethel Sinclair interviews, various biographical information on Harold Sinclair, and correspondence.