Shirley Schools (No. 73) and its district was organized in 1854 with John Foster, Hiram Quinn, and James Boulware as directors. Cordon Weed provided a frame house for the district east of the Vaughan Douglass residence which was later moved south of Douglass’ place. A school building was later erected in 1869 which was larger than needed in the hopes high school work would be added, but Shirley failed to develop. Shirley district had assistant teachers, but lone teachers usually dealt with heavy enrollments. Shirley was a two-teacher school for many years. On July 11, 1947 the school burned down, but a new two-room school was built in 1949. In 1955 the Shirley School building was a part of the Shirley district annexed to Heyworth School District.

This collection contains a complete term register, Shirley school schedules, teacher daily register’s, and a specimen and exhibit book. This collection contains items dating from 1907 to 1929.