Damon Garst Outlaw was born April 26, 1912 in Stanford, Illinois to Roy Orville and Alpha Blanch Garst Outlaw. He attended Center School from 1919-1926, and graduated from Stanford High School in 1930. In 1943 he was director of Center School, and was trustee at the Presbyterian Church in Stanford in 1953. He married Marjory Ellen Hullinger on July 21, 1956. In March 1975 he worked at the Farm Auction in Stanford, and in May 1975 he passed away from cancer (Reticulum Cell Sarcoma).

The Damon G. Outlaw collection contains 2 folders in 1 box. The items included are informational brochures related to farming, service receipts, and school report cards. The largest part of this collection is made up of diaries in which Damon G. Outlaw wrote nearly every day from 1938-1975. Inside many of the diaries were papers and newspaper clippings, some of which were chronologically put into folders. This collection was donated by Janice Kay Outlaw, daughter of Damon.