Old North Normal is the oldest intact area of continuous residential development north of Illinois State University and Uptown Normal. The District features homes built between 1870 and 1950, representing more than 30 different architectural styles. Originally designated the McCord addition, it is comprised of Normal Avenue and School Street, bordered on the north by Clay Street and on the south by Bowles Street. From its earliest days, Old North Normal has been a favorite neighborhood for Illinois State University faculty, staff and students. In 2003 it was designated The Old North Normal Historic District by the Town of Normal. The Association was formed in 2003, with the following officers: John R. Poole, Paul Phillips, Barbara Scanlan, Margaret Ann Williams, Juergen Schroeer, and Margaret Fuller. The first North Normal News, newsletter of the Old North Normal Historic District Association, was issued in Summer 2004.

This collection contains all issues of the North Normal News, issued twice yearly beginning Summer 2004, meeting minute of the Old North Normal Neighborhood Association, neighborhood news and problems, as well as materials contributing to the designation of the Old North Normal Historic District.