Jonathon H. Kirkpatrick was born in North Liberty, Ohio in 1844.  He moved to Bloomington with his widowed mother and seven siblings.  In the 1880s, Kirkpatrick opened a second-hand furniture store and in 1888, he took on a partner and the business was known as Howard-Kirkpatrick House Furnishing Co.  The famous “Kirk’s Red
Chair” sat in front of this business for many years.  Edward Kirkpatrick (1881-1968), Jonathon’s son, became the manager of the Howard-Kirkpatrick House Furnishing Co.  Charles Kirkpatrick (1879-1971), Edward’s brother, worked at the Kirkpatrick Home Furnishing Store as the credit man.

This collection includes items from various members of the Kirkpatrick family, including J.H., Charles, and Edward R.  Their items include essays, advertisements, newspaper articles, scrapbooks, and correspondence.