The Collection includes photos and records of the Fuller family, including those relating to William H. Fuller, Emma Pagel Fuller, Delmar M. Fuller, Rachael Hodge Fuller, Edwin N. Hodge, Naomi Hodge, Gertrude Fuller, Delmar Hodge Fuller, Gretchen Huff, Vaughn Huff, among others. This represents three generations of the Fuller family.

  • Emma Pagel Fuller and William H. Fuller—parents of Delmar M. Fuller.

  • Naomi Hodge and E. N. Hodge—parents to Rachael Hodge Fuller.

  • Rachael Hodge Fller and Delmar M. Fuller—parents to Delmar Hodge Fuller and Gretchen Fuller Huff.

  • Gertrude Fuller White Dickey—sister to Delmar M. Fuller.

  • Vaughn Huff—husband to Gretchen Fuller Huff.