The Unitarian Investment Club began in 1990 as managers of a fund of loans and gifts to the Unitarian Church. The original 17 members donated or loaned a total of $2500. The Club disbanded in 2014 and the total amount of its worth, $14,625.41 was donated to the church for furnace replacement.

The Emerson Street Investment Club (the Unitarian Church is on Emerson Street) was formed in 1991. The purpose of club was to educate members on investments in the stock market. This club was also entrusted with the management of the Unitarian Investment Club portfolio. The group began as a partnership and was converted into a corporation in 2002. They met monthly for 23 years and disbanded August of 2014.

This collection contains the Partnership Agreement, By-Laws, and history of the Unitarian Investment Club and the Emerson Street Investment Club along with the miscellany of calendars, brochures and general office bookkeeping plus 17 folders of minutes for each year from 1997 through 2014.