David B. Chesebrough was born March 14, 1932 and died April 29, 2004.  Chesebrough was a pastor in the American Baptist Church for 25 years before becoming a professor of American History at Illinois State University.  He was at Illinois State for fifteen years. 

While there he taught courses on American History, Philosophy, and Religious History, among other topics.  He lectured across the country and wrote seven books.  He specialized in religious history, specifically sermons.  He was a member of the American History Society, Illinois Historical Society, the McLean County Historical Society, and the Southern Historical Society.  He was researching the life and career of Bloomington newspaper editor Edward J. Lewis when he died.

The collection consists of presentation notes, seminar notes, book drafts, correspondence, illustrations used in publications, brochures and pamphlets, and photocopies of sermons and speeches made by clergymen across the country.