What first began in 1858 as a class being held in a private residence, expanded into a school house with a mass of students and teachers. In 1860 a new house was built, where classes were taught from 1863-1867. Later a vote was taken,1867, to build a new school house and also voted on again in 1894. The new school was built on the corner at of the northeast quarter of section 35. By 1898 there were a total of 23 enrolled students. Within ten years of 1900, there were 42 new/move-in students. Many of the records from 1920 through the 1930s have been lost. The school was open until 1943, and in 1948 the district was consolidated into the Tri-Valley unit.

--Adapted from Laurel Quaid’s A Little Square of Prairie; Stories of Cooksville and Blue Mound Township, Illinois.