The Bloomington Rotary Club was organized in 1915.  From the beginning, the Rotary Club members played a large role in the community.   Bloomington had periodic water famines early in the club’s history. Four Rotary charter members were in the majority of the city council that gave Bloomington an adequate water source, and Rotarians also gave the finances necessary to fund the project.  Another early member, Allen Wylie, was the father of Bloomington’s park system, and Ralph Mills later spearheaded the park expansion the growing city needed.  Bloomington’s Rotary Club also contributes to the community by giving scholarships to local high school graduates, supporting Little League, sending young people to Boy’s State and Girl’s State, and aiding Junior Achievement. 

The Bloomington Cog of Rotary Club and its leaders have been recognized recently.  Bryan Price and Judy Witt were named “Club President of the Year” by the District Governor for 2002-03 and 2003-04, respectively. Bloomington Rotary Club was named “Club of the Year” in 2003-04 for clubs over 50 members, and ranked second in the District in annual programs fund giving.

This collection contains 15 folders, containing rosters, meeting notices, recorded business, programs, and membership cards. The collection spans the years from 1919-1969