Bloomingdale School began in 1856 when a roughly built house was located at the southwest corner of Section 17. This building was moved one-half mile south and one-fourth mile east to the south side of J. S. Bishop’s farm in 1865. Plastered, repaired, and new benches constructed, it was called School No. 12. The recent site forty rods east of the southwest corner of Section 20 was obtained from Ira Munson for $25; and a new house was built by George Stevenson. Double seats were bought in 1886. The beautiful surrounding landscape suggested the name, Bloomingdale. In 1948 this school was included in the Heyworth Unit District. (Adapted from William B. Bringham’s The Story of McLean County and Its Schools).

This collection contains three ledger books, and 1 folder of miscellaneous items.