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Twilight of the Interurban Downtown Bloomington, 1950

Downtown terminal, 1950.

This September 1950 scene shows an Illinois Terminal Railroad car trundling past the 200 block of North Madison Street in downtown Bloomington. Illinois Terminal is often misidentified as a city streetcar system. In fact it was an electrified light rail network connecting many Central Illinois communities to each other and St. Louis. Bloomington lost interurban service in February 1953.

This September 14, 1950, photo was taken from a window in The Pantagraph building by reporter Wilma Tolley. Only two of the four buildings visible here survive today. The middle building at the top half of the photo shows the back end of the Ensenberger Building, once a furniture store and now high-rise Ensenberger Condominiums. The building in the upper left corner was and remains today home to Pantagraph Printing & Stationery Co.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History

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