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McHistory: Workin' In A Coal Mine

At the turn of the 20th century, a certain woman journalist put out four columns a week. She was a prolific writer turning in 2000 words at a crack, a wonderful interviewer, and nobody's fool. Madam Annette talked with everyone from businessmen and public officials to jail inmates. During GLT's recurring series "McHistory" we hear portions of one of Madam Annette's columns as she explores a coal mine under Bloomington. McLean County Museum of History Development Director Beth Whisman reads the column with comment from Archivist Bill Kemp.

Hear the audio here

"McHistory" is a co-production of WGLT and the McLean County Museum of History using the letters, diaries, and documents of days gone by

Torii Moré

Torii Moré

Curator of Digital Humanities