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Knights of Columbus’ New Home 1206 N. Main St., Bloomington December 1927

New Knights of Columbus house, 1927.

Corn Belt Bank executive J. Thornton Snell had this magnificent Queen Anne-style home built in 1889-1890. He died unexpectedly in April 1896 at the age of 56 and his widow Hannah continued to live here until the early 1920s.
In December 1927, the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic service and fraternal organization, converted the Snell residence into their new club quarters. The K of C remained there for about a decade. The old Snell place was then torn down in the summer of 1937 and replaced with a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. The old grocery building is still there today, but it’s now occupied by U-Haul.

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp

Bill Kemp is the Librarian at the McLean County Museum of History

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