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Oral Histories

These oral histories have been collected, archived, and transcribed by the McLean County Museum of History so the story of Latinos in McLean County is preserved and documented. We are actively seeking more stories.

  • Beth Echeverria
  • Topics: Illinois State University, bi-racial marriage, North Carolina, Indiana, institutional racism in school, intergenerational language, preservation of culture
  • Delores Campbell and Mary Trunnell
  • Topics: Mexico, Pedro Chavez, Education, Family life, Tuberculosis, Segobianos, Cooking and growing food, Employment- Beer Nuts, Brokaw Hospital, Streid's Restaurant, St. Patrick's School
  • Elidia Miller
  • Topics: Mexico, Texas, intergenerational language, preservation of culture
  • Fernando Garza
  • Topics: Mexico, rail road work, reasons for immigrating, boxing, immigration experience, intergenerational language, immigration reform
  • Irene Barnes
  • Topics: Mexico, Zacatecas, moving to Bloomington, Latino community in Bloomington, Church -- St. Mary's, preservation of culture and traditions, employment -- IWU
  • Jesus Villaneuva
  • Topics: Texas, Mexico, Mexican-American, farming tomatoes around Bloomington, income
  • John Barrientes
  • Topics: Texas, Mexico, discrimination, Army Lieutenant, State Farm Insurance, Los Angeles
  • Lucy Woosley
  • Topics: Bloomington, Pedro Chavez, Mexico, Naturalization, Chenoa, Catholic
  • Manny and Margot Mendoza
  • Topics: Mexico, Kansas, segregated schools, college, law school, Methodist, Army reserves, volunteering, ACLU, Prairie Pride Coalition, AIDS Task Force, Jail Review Committee, intergenerational language, acceptance of Hispanics in society
  • Manuel Cordero
  • Topics: Puerto Rico, learning trapeze, trapeze rigging, circus life, fast food, Illinois State University, minimum wage
  • Sarita Mendiola
  • Topics: Family life, Bracero program, prejudice, Latino families in Bloomington, State Farm, preservation of culture, building community, food, interaction with police
  • Sonny Garcia
  • Topics: Mexican-American, Illinois State University, bi-racial marriage and children, preservation of culture, activism, immigration reform, Mexican economics