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Lue Anna Clark


Born in 1892 in Kenucky, Mrs. Clark lived over 100 years. She has strong memories of her father who was born a slave house boy in the home of his master and father. She recalls much about turn of the century social life, politics and racial identity. She came to Bloomington in 1916 and has clear memories of the community at the early period. Later she boarded ISNU students in her home aiding them in their efforts to graduate from college.

Isaac Sanders left the employ of the Adlai Stevenson family in the early 1900's to try his hand at the restaurant business. He had a restaurant on South Main Street in Bloomington. Later he ran what was called the Working Man's Club on West Washington, also in Bloomington. In 1917, he married the much younger Lue Anna Brown. He gave up his business activity when the club closed in 1919.