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Why So Serious? Knight of Pythias, 1934

June 15th, 2016

The Knights of Pythias, a fraternal society organized in the 1860s, maintained a Bloomington chapter for more than a century. Seen here are unidentified members of Damon Lodge No. 10. Although this photograph is undated, research tells us that the local Pythians celebrated their 64th anniversary in Bloomington on February 19, 1934 (note the “64 years” sign behind these men).This photo was taken at the K of P lodge hall, 406 W. Jefferson St. in downtown Bloomington. The lodge was torn down in early 1971 upon the dissolution of the local chapter. Today this site is … what else but a parking lot! If you can identify anyone in this photo, please contact Museum Librarian Bill Kemp at BKemp@mchistory.org.

Bill Kemp


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